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Re: Need Help with PRINTER Problem

David Fanning (davidf@dfanning.com) writes:

> I think I have identified a bug that has been driving
> me absolutely insane for the past 24-hours!

Indeed, RSI confirms this behavior, in which a single
color is loaded into the color table in the PRINTER
device at *any* location and then becomes the background
color, is a bug.

The color, however, is only "officially" loaded into
the correct position in the color table, so one work-around
is to simply get and reload the color table vectors. My
code looks something like this:

   yellow = GetColor("yellow", !D.Table_Size-3) ; Load single color
   TVLCT, r, g, b, /Get  ; These two lines are work-around.
   TVLCT, r, g, b
   TV, scaledImage


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