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Re: More WIN/UNIX -> MAC transitions

"Ben Tupper" <pemaquidriver@tidewater.net> wrote in message

(referring to the capability to read text files platform-independently on
IDL 5.4)

> I wonder if that capability> is via READ_ASCII() or using the more general
> procedure?


> I haven't explored using READ_ASCII() since I have needed to
> extract tidbits out of the header for this particular data set.

They claim READ_ASCII is much faster in 5.4 too. I can't confirm that
because I seldom use it. Perhaps I should...

P.S. I hope I am not violating the 5.4 beta confidentiality agreement with
any of this. I got a "What's New in 5.4" sheet with my maintenance renewal
in the mail the other day so I presume new features in 5.4 are more-or-less

Mark Hadfield
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