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Re: Origin of IDL

Be careful, IDL also stands for Interface Definition Language used in C, C++
Java (and Ada and ?). Look up Interface Definition Language on the net for
more info. This
may cause some confusion.

Anyway, the IDL here (Interactive Data Lang) is based on FORTRAN, but
they're beginning to see the light and beginning to get a little C-ish
(e.g., 0 based arrays).
Now, if they'd just give us NULL, have strings as arrays of characters, and
have include
files, I think we'll be ok. (Damn, I'm gonna get flamed for sure!)


"Jörg Schliwa" <joerg.schliwa@ewetel.net> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I've a general question about the origin of IDL, becourse someone told me
> that IDL is a "procedure"-programming language that is based on a language
> like C/C++ or Fortran.
> So, is IDL an unique language or is it developed from another??
> I suppose all the specialists in this newsgroup will know that.
> Thanks for any hints,
> Jörg