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Re: Keyword precedence

"J.D. Smith" <jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu> wrote in message

> ...Just as with normal
> positional parameters, the programmer must be sure to define in advance
how each
> will be used: for input values, for return values, or for both.  This
> their usage!...

It's interesting that David Fanning and Martin Shultz have both recommended
the following idiom for establishing overridable defaults

pro my_plot, COLOR=color, _EXTRA=extra
    if n_elements(color) eq 0 then color = 12
    plot, COLOR=12, _EXTRA=extra

This has the effect, unintended and normally irrelevant, that if the
following call is made with the COLOR keyword set to an undefined variable

my_plot, COLOR=color

then this variable is set to 12 on output. It isn't too hard to imagine a
situation (successive calls to different routines with different default
colours) where this will bite an unwary programmer, though in several years
of using this idiom I have seldom thought about this side-effect and have
very seldom been bitten.

My point: in many situations IDL programmers are pretty relaxed about
whether values are modified on output because it has no effect on how their
programs operate. As far as possible the language should avoid punishing
them for this.

> ...More scary is the notion of:
> mgh_example_keywords_reference_wrapper, COLOR=color, _EXTRA=extra
> putting a return value somewhere other than in the variable "color"...
maybe not
> even on this level... maybe n levels up somewhere.

Yes, that would be the effect of my proposals for precedence. And it is the
current situation (which acts exactly the way I am proposing except in a
specific, albeit common, case). I think you have to accept that by putting
_EXTRA or _REF_EXTRA in your code you are passing power, and responsibility
to the next level up.

> ...I
> think you are imagining cases in which you don't have control over the
> inheritance chain, and may not know you are using _REF_EXTRA.

Yes. And I was bitten in a case where I did have control over the
inheritance chain but had forgotten which particular mechanism I had used.

> In any case, hopefully an RSI person or two will get the basic notion that
> needs to be straightened up.  And for those of you who have resolved never
> include _REF_EXTRA in your programs, please be assured that this really
> only a very limited subset of cases of use.


I can't resist adding another tidbit: CALL_PROCEDURE passes keywords through
in both directions, but it doesn't behave like my "reference wrapper". It
always gives precedence to extra keywords, irrespective of whether the names
match  exactly.

Mark Hadfield
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