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followup: old IDL versions

Hi all,

   despite David's warning, I received only very few mails from
people "admitting" that they are using older IDL releases. Not
even worth a statistical analysis. This allows for three
alternative conclusions:

(1) RSI managed to pursuade almost everyone into buying a
maintenance contract (and someone at each institution managed to
pursuade the sysadmin to install the latest release)

(2) People are shy and don't want to reveal themselves, or they
don't trust my promise to treat the data confidentially

(3) The folks on this newsgroup are the cutting edge and perhaps
not a representative sample of the IDL "population".

What are the consequences? Well, none, of course. And this is
probably the real reason why no one responded ;-)

I hereby declare the contest of who is using the oldest IDL
version closed. The winner is ... anonymous.


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