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Re: axis

Mirko (loeh@my-deja.com) writes:

> I have  a small problem using the axis procedure.
> I don't know why my third y-axis appears as
> log-axis without setting the /ylog keyword.
> It probably comes from the /ylog keyword
> in the second y-axis.
> Is there a clean solution for this problem apart from
> switching the code for the 2nd and 3rd axis?

Humm. Weird. 

I don't have any idea what is happening. But I
can fix the problem by doing a plot into a pixmap
window, then going back to the drawing window. 

Here is the code in my fix:

;==========3. y-axis    log y-axis ???
window, /free, /pixmap, xsize=!D.X_Size, ysize=!D.Y_Size
xtitle='Detektorblende [mm]' ,yticks=8,yminor=2
wdelete, !D.Window
WSet, win

axis,8,yaxis=1,yrange=[4,14],/save,ystyle=1, color=180$
 ,ytitle='Peak/Untergrund ',charsize=1.1, ylog=0

Very strange. I thought at first that it had something
to do with fields in the !P, !X, or !Y system variables.
But I saved these after the first plot and restored them
after the second plot, and it didn't do any good. This
is the best I can do. Chalk it up to the Mystery, I guess. :-)


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