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Horrible map reprojections

Hi all,

IDL> print,!VERSION   
{ x86 linux unix 5.3 Nov 11 1999}

I'm trying to set up a particular map reprojection, and get some rather
horrible results. Can somebody try this on their machine to see if it is
reproducible please?


One effect is that the reprojection does not extend all the way to the
right hand side of the plotting area (should be 0 deg long, instead it
is about -10 deg long). Another problem is this produces lines cutting
across the window (caused by the map_continents part). 

This is only part of the problem, when trying to contour some data using
a similar reprojection, I get lines cutting across the contour plot. I
thought it might be a missing data problem, so set all missing data to
!VALUES.F_NAN. No difference.

Has anybody else had a similar problem/solution?