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Re: plot with symbols of varying size

Jonathan Joseph (jj21@cornell.edu) writes:
> I would like to make a plot and vary the
> size of the symbol of each point based on
> some criteria.
> Is there any way to do this in one function
> call, or must I plot each point individually
> with oplot and the symsize specified?  

I'm afraid a loop is the only way to do this.
But in my experience, it really is not so bad.
People seldom have 100000 points in their data

> With object graphics it also seems to be a pain, with
> the need to create a vector of symbol objects
> each with a different size.

A pain!? Well, computers take some of the sting
out of the grunt work. I guess it could take
as much as 4-5 lines of code. :-)


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