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Dos and Donts

Hi there!

I'm preparing a little talk about efficient programming in IDL. From the
help files and from my own experience I found many hints about 'what to
do and not to do' to speed up code in IDL. The most things I listed so
far are about array operations and data arrangement, avoiding loops etc.
Taking an intensive look into the help system I found some little tricks
to improve speed, e.g. using rotation for image rotation by 90 deg
rather than rot(...,90). Up to now I didn't know that there is a
difference at all.

I am sure there are many more odds and ends to improve IDL code. Does
anyone out there can give my a hint where to find more of those tricks?
Links, recommendation of a book, or just some direct tips would be very

Thank you an advance and best greetings from Marburg,
Hans Joerg Brinksmeyer

H.J.Brinksmeyer - Physics Department
University of Marburg, Germany