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Re: [Q]: ID analog to FORTRAN "sign" function

"Dick Jackson" <dick@d-jackson.com> wrote in message
> Do I dare offer one more? Subscript lookups seem faster than arithmetic
> operations, making this one faster, more compact and no less cryptic! :-)
>     Return, Abs(a) * ([-1, 1])[b GE 0]

Good one!

> A bit faster still, if you know the expected type of a and b, to avoid an
> extra type conversion:
>     Return, Abs(a) * ([-1.0, 1.0])[b GE 0]

I think that's a little *too* clever. I just tried multiplying a float array
with 10^7 elements by 1 and then by 1.0. Time taken = 0.52 seconds in both

Mark Hadfield
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