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Carsten Dominik wrote:
> IDLWAVE 4.5 fixes a few minor bugs in the object support.
> (reported by JD Smith, as usually  - is anybody else using this?).
>          http://www.strw.leidenuniv.nl/~dominik/Tools/idlwave

Maybe it's just that only I use it so fervently.  Perhaps we should
start a tasty tidbit of the week column so those who are missing out can
either continue salivating or finally give Idlwave a try.

Here's one:

You're running a deeply convoluted program in IDL.  Your program halts
with an error.  Do you:

a) Scream loudly and throw your monitor out the window?
b) Print out all the relevant IDL programs, carefully number each line
with a number 2 pencil, and draw a large frowning face next to each
offending line.
c) Stare at the IDLDE buttons unto your eye's feel funny, wondering
which level of the stack you are on.
d) Hit the control-key c,d, then up/down to move up and down the calling
stack with a nice prompt like "[-2:mypro]" to see where you are, and the
calling line highlighted.  Nearby, you see a variable which is suspect. 
Hit Control-c,d,p on it (or use a mouse binding -- I use shift-middle
click), and the value of that variable is printed... even if that
variable is on another calling level... ahh the magic of


P.S. Please don't attempt d) in the IDLDE.  You may void your warranty.