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Re: delvar v/s reset_session

All I can say is that the following was found in the IDL online help:

The DELVAR procedure deletes variables from the main IDL program level.
DELVAR frees any memory used by the variable and removes it from the
main program's symbol table. The following restrictions apply:
1. DELVAR can only be called from the main program level.
2. Each time DELVAR is called, the main program is erased. Variables
that are not deleted remain unchanged.

Maybe, you should not use DELVAR in your code. If you worry about the
size of temporary variables, you can un-define them using TEMPORARY or
re-assign them to 0B.

"Vinay L. Kashyap" wrote:
> Puzzle: Somehow, using .RESET_SESSION in between DELVARs seems
> to confuse the IDL environment.  Now, I believe using DELVAR
> inside even a main program is frowned upon (I don't know why),
> but this seems very bizarre.r