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eps bounding boxes

I'm not sure how IDL calculates the bounding box size in an EPS file, the
documentation says something like:

"This size is determined when the output file is opened (when the first
graphics command is given), by multiplying the size of the plotting region
(as specified with the XSIZE and YSIZE keywords) by the current scale
factor (as specified by the SCALE_FACTOR keyword)."

So, is the *first* graphics command e.g. a Plot, used to determine the
bounding box?  The problem is I do one large Plot and a second smaller one
next to it.  When viewing the EPS file in ghostview, this second plot is
chopped off, all you see are the tick labels.

XSize and YSize are set to use the whole A4 page (with a small offset),
and a non-encapsulated PS file looks o.k. in ghostview, and it prints o.k.

Is there anyway of checking the actuall size of the bounding box?  I'm
having a great time trying to get this figure into LaTeX...