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Re: IDLDE 5.4 and Keywordsunder Linux

Eric Kihn wrote:

> All,.
>         I just upgraded to IDL 5.4 under Linux and notice that the
> IDLDE no longer seems to highlight keywords?? In fact under the
> preferences menu I don't even see the option to activate this anymore.
> Was this feature pulled in 5.4?  I can't tell you how helpful it is to
> those who are only so-so on the syntax.
> Thanks,

They've withdrawn 'Chromacoding' for the unix version, I was just getting
used to it as well :-(
On the bright side my sun cut, paste and copy keyboard buttons work
predictably under idl for the first time. All I need now is for the IDL
edit window to have a white instead of dismal grey background.

Marc O'Brien