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histogram crashes

Greetings all,

I have a situation where histogram is crashing on me, in what seems to be
a strange manner. (IDL 5.3.1, on WinNT 4 Workstation SP 5)

Here is info on my data (latitudes):
LAT             FLOAT     = Array[76, 1624]
IDL> help,lat(*)
<Expression>    FLOAT     = Array[123424]

range of latitudes:      -65.8900      79.9300
min = :       20.0000
There are NAN values in the array.

Here is the offending call to histogram:
hlat = histogram(lat(*),binsize = float(deltalat), min
=float(20),REVERSE_INDICES = R,/nan)

This results in a Norton CrashGuard message and IDL closes.

Of course,the following call to histogram works with no problems:
hlat = histogram(lat(*),binsize = long(deltalat), min =float(-1),/nan)
as does:
hlat = histogram(lat(*),binsize = float(deltalat), min =float(20),/nan)

The difference seems to be that a positive "min" crashes and a negative
"min" is ok when
the reverse_index keyword is called. For my purposes the reverse_indices
is required.

Anyone run across this before, and are there any fixes?

bob stockwell
stockwell (at) co-ra.com