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Re: include files in IDL programs

If you're only interested in this for a structure, try using IDL's "automatic 
structure definition".

If you create a PROcedure with the same name as the structure, but followed 
by __DEFINE (that's two underscores) and save it as a .pro with the same name 
then IDL will look for this file the when it encounters a reference to your 
undefined structure. Running the code will then define the structure.

The example the online help:

PRO mystruct__define
   tmp = { mystruct, a:1.0, b:'string' }

We use it all the time and it works a treat. The same method is used for 
object definition.


rhskelto@atm.ox.ac.uk (Randall Skelton) wrote in 

>Hello all,
>This is a longshot but is there any way to have an 'include file' in IDL.  
>i.e. I have a data structure which is rather complicated (and big in type)
>and I don't want to see it in every program/subroutine that I write.  Is
>there anyway just to have it included with a simple '#include blah.pro' or
>somthing similar?
>Thanks in advance,