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Re: Object graphic and direct graphics

Rikagaku (t_launey@brain.riken.go.jp) writes:

> Thanks for testing the program. I did more testing and it does not seem 
> to be related to the screen resolution setting... More about this later.
> By the way, since it seems that this problem and several others have been 
> fixed in new IDL version, I am gradually coming to the idea of updating 
> (5.2 ->5.4). However, several post in this group concerning stability, 
> new bugs, licensing problems... make me wonder if its really worth the 
> the paperworks I will have to do for this.
> Anyone willing to share his/her experience about updating?   

Yes, always update. It's always worth it. ... Really. :-)

I don't mean to suggest you should be the first on your
block to update, but I have never, ever thought I would
be better off with an older version of IDL, ever. As a 
rule the IDL X.X.1 versions are about as stable as you
are likely to get.

Yes, there are bugs and problems with new versions.
But, most of the time, old bugs are fixed, too.
And that is the *real* value in updating.



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