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Re: Preserving data with ROT

In article <3A2E971A.DFC632@bigelow.org>,
  btt <btupper@bigelow.org> wrote:
> P.S. ROT calls POLY_2D so perhaps my question should be about that
> function.

That is probably the key: Poly_2d allows one to give the size of the
output image as parameters, but ROT does not take advantage of this
option.     I added an OUTDIM keyword to rot.pro that lets one pass the
output dimension to Poly_2d.   My copy is at


I suppose a possible  additional keyword to rot.pro would be to let it
compute itself the size needed to preserve all the data, and create an
output file with that size.

--Wayne Landsman                           landsman@mpb.gsfc.nasa.gov

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