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Re: IDLgrLegend broken

I just tested this, and I maintain that saving methods to explicitly
named files overrides precompiled superclasses methods with identical names.

What I mean is, for MyObject whos superclass is SuperObject, and both
have Get method, the following happens. IDL *first* searches for
compiled method for MyObject. Then, it searches for a *file* with the
right name, myobject__get.pro, and then, *if not found only*, it
searches for compiled GET method for SuperClass, and, if not found, for superclass__get.pro.

I tested it and it is exactly what happened. I made an instance of
IDLgrModel and an instance of a subclass MYOBJECT that inhereted from
it. I called SetProperty and GetProperty on IDLgrModel to make sure they
are compiled. In advance, I made a file called
myobject__getproperty.pro. When I called myobject -> getproperty *after*
using GetProperty on IDLgrModel, the MYOBJECT::GETPROPERTY module got
compiled and executed, despite the availability of precompiled method
for the superclass.
This means that saving methods in separate files will always work, as
long as they are in the IDL path.