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I was going to bore you to death with a long essay
about how programs and programming styles evolve, etc.
But I'm too busy fixing things right now... :-(

Suffice it to say, that if you have been downloading
programs from my web page to use with that new IDL
programming book you got for Christmas, you may want
to download the latest:


The long and short of it is this. One of my private
programs found its way into my public repository
and was causing all kinds of havoc, especially with
my flagship program PSCONFIG. I'm sorry for the 

If you get any error messages that pertain to the
program FSC_DROPLIST, you *definitely* need to
download new programs. And in particular, you will
need these three:




P.S. Let's just say I have renewed appreciation for
how absolutely bug-free IDL is, compared to my
out-of-control library. :-(

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Fanning Software Consulting
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