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Has anyone tried to use Xvolume?  I am trying to visualize a 3D volume and 
figured Xvolume was the way to go.  Unfortunately, Xvolume does not seem 
to be working correctly for me.  When I use to example code in  "Whats New 
in IDL 5.4":

vol = BYTSCL (RANDOMU ((SEED=0), 5 , 5, 5))
vol = CONGRID (vol, 30, 30, 30)
xvolume, vol

The Xvolume window appears on the screen and does not display any data.  
The menu bar and buttons also seem to be unresponsive.  I have also tried 
other data sets with the same result.  I was wondering if anyone else has 
had similar issues?  I am running a Macintosh with OS 9 on it.