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Help: memory allocation for IDL


I am using the POLAR_SURFACE function in IDL to interpolate a surface from
polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates.  My polar image size is 2000
pixels by 1000 pixels of 2-byte short integer data.  The program always
seems to stop at the TRIANGULATION portion of the routine because it says
that there is not enough memory to allocate the required arrays.

Does anyone know how to increase the memory allocation for IDL in Win98 OS
environment.  My computer has 512 MB of physical memory and 2 GB of
virtual memory, so it seems unlikely to me that my computer lacks the
memory to do this operation.  IDL Help page indicates that one can
increase the memory allocation for the IDL application in the Mac OS but
doesn't specify anything for Win98.  Is it possible to do that in Windows?

I much appreciate any help or suggestions anyone can give me.  Thanks.