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Re: Many procedures, what to do?

Craig Markwardt wrote:
> My thought was to collapse all these routines into one single file.
> That way it's easy to keep everything in one place, and there can be
> lots of shared documentation.
> The problem with that is then there are a bunch of functions like
> CMSV_RLONG CMSV_RSTRING, CMSV_RCOMM, stored in a file called
> cmsvlib.pro.  IDL has no way to figure out these functions are stored
> in cmsvlib.pro, or for that matter that they are functions at all.

If you'd really want to put all these function into one libfile, then
you could create a bunch of files like cmsv_rlong.pro , cmsv_rstring.pro
, etc., all containing just the one line "@cmsvlib.pro".
The one *big* problem with this is that automatic compilation stops once
the function is encountered, leaving part of the library uncompiled.
Things will get compiled twice or more. Worse, if your "user-accessible"
functions call each other, they might get "compiled while active" and
return in the middle of execution. The only solution I see is to call an
(empty) cmsvlib procedure first thing in each function. Complicated

But don't let me keep you. I desperately need some smarter save/restore