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Re: Hi, My Name is David. And I'm a Lurker

Make that thirteen. However, to put it the other way around, the amount of
traffic on a group probably reflects the number people concerned with the topic.
Perhaps there really aren't that many IDL users out there... A thought which
leads me to the question: Is there really any reason to use IDL instead of, for
instance, Matlab? I like IDL, but that is only because I happened to begin using


> |>>What do you say? Anyone out there? Only people
> |>>who have never posted, or posted no more than
> |>>once in the past 3 months, please.
> |>>
> |>Don't worry, Dave, there are at least 11 people reading this NG:-)
> Maybe there are twelve, if you count me too. I have no dog, so his name
> is missing here.
> Michael Plugge