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Re: Hi, My Name is David. And I'm a Lurker

OK, so i peruse this newsgroup daily. From my experience, this and
sci.image.processing are two of the 0.01% of newgroups worthwhile reading.
I've been using IDL for ~8 years now. It has prevented me from (having
to)learning more of C and C++ (other than writing externals).

You can see my dogs and all the other critters at:

Steve Ready
Xerox PARC

"David Fanning" <davidf@dfanning.com> wrote in message
> Folks,
> Craig's wonderful parody the other day of what most
> of the regulars would say to a recent question, and
> today's talk of lurkers has got me thinking. Are there
> really only 10 of us paying any attention to this
> newsgroup?
> It occurs to me that if that really was the case
> that you guys ought to be getting tired of the
> same lame jokes I use all the time. :-)
> And if my wife is right and I really don't have
> the "huge following" I often profess to her when
> I am trying to justify no income after 10 hours
> parked in front of a computer, then I might even
> be encouraged to go get a real life.
> So I propose a new thread for lurkers only.
> Here's the deal. You don't even have to ask an
> IDL question. Just give us your first name and
> tell us where you live. Throw in the name of your
> dog if you feel like really living dangerously.
> Just a note to let us know you are out there.
> There will be two enormous benefits from this
> thread. Those of us who do spend quite a bit
> of time answering questions here can take
> great satisfaction and three bucks and get
> a latte at Starbucks. And people who hit that
> SEND button will discover that your fingers
> don't fall off, nor are you electrocuted when
> you do it. So a big Win/Win for everyone. :-)
> What do you say? Anyone out there? Only people
> who have never posted, or posted no more than
> once in the past 3 months, please.
> Cheers,
> David
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