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Re: Creating a sphere (Object Graphics)

OK, I hate editors that don't warn you about breaking long lines.  The
lines should all be a single line in the IDL procedure.  Most are just
comment lines, but two are actual lines of code.

Sorry for any confusions this may have caused!


"Jason P. Meyers" wrote:
> PRO JPM_Make_Sphere, n, x=x, y=y, z=z

The following pairs of lines should have been left together as one

> ; Parameter:  n : array width (must be odd, but we'll make it odd if
>it's not)

> ; Keywords:  x,y,z : named variables to contain the 2-D arrays (n x

> ; Tweeking the value of m adjusts the spacing of points along the
> z-profile.

> x1 = cos(atan(yy,xx))*(sqrt(abs(1-(1-abs(xx))^m)) >
> sqrt(abs(1-(1-abs(yy))^m)))

> y1 = sin(atan(yy,xx))*(sqrt(abs(1-(1-abs(xx))^m)) >
> sqrt(abs(1-(1-abs(yy))^m)))