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Re: VAX IDL save format

Mike Cooper <mcooper@ll.mit.edu> writes:

> Hi. Does anyone know if a translator exists to convert VAX save files to
> the
> gerneric XDR format used on other platforms?  I have several data files
> saved under IDL1.0 for the VAX which I would know like to read into
> a newer version of IDL.
> Tia, -MjC

Does this not help?  [ Documentation from RESTORE: ]

Note to VMS Users

When reading older VMS format files, IDL knows that all floating-point
values are in VAX format. These floating values are automatically
converted to IEEE format. Only VMS/IDL is able to restore the native
VMS format.

Note - If you are restoring a file created with VAX IDL version 1, you
must restore on a machine running VMS.

Given the above, and assuming you still have a VAX, you could restore
and then resave in the new format.  If you don't have a VAX I would
say you need to ask the RSI folks.


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