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Re: objects in loop

Hi Murray, I have done similar things to plot hundreds of cells moving
around in a 3D field. I use the following - convoluted - method. I derived
this some time ago, so it is perhaps not the most elegant solution..but it
works on my Macs. I define just once a set of orbs for my models and put
these into column 1 of an N by 2 object array.  In column 2 I put symbols
with each object as their shape. That way each object could have its own
colour and shape. (If I change colour over time I change the orb colour.)
For each frame I make a polyline plot using these symbols, take an image and
paste it into a movie frame. That way you are not moving lots of objects
about and you create them just once. When all is done, the orbs get deleted.

Hope this helps.


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