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Re: unwrap modulo 2pi

graham_wilson@my-deja.com wrote:
> Hello all,
> Does anyone have a quick function for unwrapping/undoing a modulo 2pi
> operation... Omatrix has such a function but I after an hour of
> fiddling I cannot seem to do it in IDL.
> NB: I moved from omatrix -> IDL about a month ago.
> omatrix would be something like:
> x = 2*seq(5)
> y = 2*Pi
> x=mod(x,y)
> x=colunmod(x,y)
> print x

What are 'seq' and 'colunmod'?
It seems you have 1D data. Is it right?
In this case you'll find several routine searching on the IDL library on
the net.
If you need 2D phase unwrapping, you have to implement very complicated
(RG-WLS, MCF etc....).

We developed several 2D phase unwrapping algo but I can't send them
since they are part of a commercial software.
Write me if you need other info.

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