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Re: 3D Plot


You might try http://www.dfanning.com/tips/scatter3d.html.  On that page,
David describes how to accomplish just what you want using direct graphics.
I think he has a routine called FSC_Scatter that does the same but in object
graphics.  Object graphics really shine in the 3d realm.


Mike Garrett wrote:

> Hey all,
> I have been trying to create a 3D plot. I have a two dimensional array
> that holds the z values.  I just want to plot a point at that point in 3D
> space, so if I have data(1,2) = 3 then i want to put a point at x = 1, y
> =2 and z = 3.  However, with the surface command a line is always drawn to
> connect this point with other points.  Is there another command I am not
> familiar with or any other ideas?
> Thanks
> Mike

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