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Re: noclip=0 with postscript fonts

David Fanning wrote:

> Med Bennett (mbennett@indra.com) writes:
> > I am making some plots with data points labelled with value and station
> > name.  Some of them fall outside of the plotting window, and I would
> > like to supress these.  They still plot, even with noclip=0 in the call
> > to XYOUTS. After studying the online help page, I notice that it states
> > that "this keyword controls the clipping of vectors and vector-drawn
> > text." In other words, it doesn't work with software fonts (i.e.,
> > font=0).  Is there any way to achieve clipping with software fonts,
> > other than looping through the coordinates and checking them against the
> > plot limits (Yuck!) ?
> I don't think it really matters *what* kind of fonts
> you use. I don't think there is any other way
> than to check the coordinates before you plot them. :-(

Nope - I just changed my program to use the vector drawn fonts, and setting
noclip=0 in the call to XYOUTS behaves as expected - labels that would fall
outside the plotting window are not plotted.  It's only when I include  font=0
in the call that the noclip=0 keyword has no effect, i.e. labels outside the
plotting window are plotted anyway.