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Hello, Emacs users,

I have uploaded IDLWAVE 4.8.  As always you can find it here:


Changes in version 4.8

- The shell preserves the command history between sessions.  See 
   new variables `idlwave-shell-command-history-file' and 
  Note that JD posted some ugly code a few month ago which had the
  same effect.  If you copied that code into .emacs, remove it again.
  Saving the command history is now the default, no extra actions

- New variable `idlwave-indent-to-open-paren' which can be used to     
  turn off deep indentation of continuation lines.  Example: 
  x = function_a(function_b(function_c( a, b, $ 
                                        d, c))) 

- The library catalog can be updated with a background job so that 
  you can continue to work while it runs. 

- A double prefix argument to `idlwave-shell-print' evaluates 
  and prints the current region as an expression. 

- When the IDL process under the shell exits, it runs 

- Fixed bug with deleting last window on IDL exit. 

- Fixed bug (exponential regexp) with parsing Liam Gumley's routine     

- Carsten