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MPEG and IDL 5.4

I just discovered that IDL 5.4 won't let me run my procedure which generates
MPEG files.

I get the error:
DL> make_movie, vol, mpeg='b_w_test.mpg'
% LICENSE MANAGER: MPEG feature not licensed for use.
% Error occurred at:  MPEG_OPEN          58 U:\RSI\IDL54\lib\mpeg_open.pro
%                     MAKE_MOVIE        183
%                     $MAIN$
% Execution halted at:  MAKE_MOVIE        183

I don't recall seeing anything about this in the newsgroup. I also seem to
find it discussed in the Release Notes or on the RSI Web site.  The only I
see is the entry in the help file for mpeg_open:

   Note - MPEG support in IDL requires a special license. For more
information, contact your
   Research Systems sales representative or technical support.

Does this cost $$$?  I don't see special licensing for it on their Web page.
Why do they do this?