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>Is there a way to turn on line numbering in an IDL program file?
>If there isn't, what is the fastest way to scroll down to a line (after
>opening) in a long IDL program file?

EMACS: CTRL+G will let you enter a line number to jump to. At least, thats
my key-bindings. If you use emacs, I can let you know how to bind a key to
the goto-line command.

IDL-WAVE (EMACS): CTRL+G, unless you are going to a line because of an
error, in which case it is automatic.

VI: ": q <RETURN> emacs <RETURN>" is the best way to edit files in vi.

PICO: only allows line-number specification upon opening of file
  % pico +nnn file_name
nano, an improved pico clone, allows jump-to, i believe.

IDLDE: CTRL+G. I've never used IDLDE, so i don't know how/if this works.

hope this helps.