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Re: thumbnails

On Thu, 01 Mar 2001 18:20:09 -0000, steve <nobody@nowhere.com> wrote:
>Does anyone know how to produce *.eps files with thumbnails (in IDL 5.x)?
>Steve S.
>remove CLOTHES before replying

Thanks for all the replies :^D !! I'm running IDL 5.2 on a Linux box, I haven't
updated to newer versions (have the CD's + maintenance contract) because it
looks like there are no major improvements and several concessions, like GIF 
support. So I can't use the thumbnail option of 5.4, however good or bad, er
I'm not that desparate. I looked at Liam's response about epstool, my version
of Linux came with ghostscript 5.1, ghostview 3.5.8, no epstool, though. There
is a tool called ps2epsi, which supposedly adds a TIFF thumbnail, but I didn't
get it to work. I went to the link in Liam's post and grabbed the tarball for
the compiled Linux binary, unpacked it and tried it (without installing), and
it does work. My goal was the following: since I write all my papers in TeX, 
and submit figures in Postscript, why should I do all the double work of re-
creating all those figures for presentations? So I grabbed the epstool and 
starting experimenting:

[hostname dir]$ ./epstool -w -zppmraw -ot15.eps fig7d.ps 

took my idl.ps files and made them into previewable *.eps files that do show
up in powerpoint. The preview is not too bad, though my graphics are a mix of
bitmap images and lineart, like graphs. I'm pretty sure the line art would 
look a lot better if it was vectorized in the preview image, which I don't 
think it is, it's looks like it's just bitmapped.

So, Liam, David, ... , is this the best I can do? Would the IDL routines do
a vectorized version of the lineart, or just bitmaps? Thanks again for the 
tips so far ... 
Steve S.

remove CLOTHES before replying