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Re: thumbnails

On Tue, 06 Mar 2001 17:50:59 GMT, Mike Chinander <mchinand@midway.uchicago.edu> 
>What I have used to do this is convert the eps file with pstoedit to the
>.fig format and then edit this file (change linethickness, fontsize, add a
>background, etc) with xfig.  After doing that you can save (and scale) it
>to a variety of graphics formats.  I find this very useful for converting
>plots that I have saved in eps format and then sometime later need to
>convert it to jpeg or some other format suitable for inclusion in
>--Mike Chinander
>Michael Chinander                                  University of Chicago
>m-chinander@uchicago.edu    (773)834-5101 (Voice)    (773)702-0371 (Fax)

Thanks Mike, for the posts and emails. I've managed to patch a few of the
figures using the pstoedit-->[.fig file]-->xfig-->[change linewidths,fonts]
-->[export to new image file format], it is an interesting program. I'll 
have to weigh the pro's and cons before I decide what to do next, but I 
appreciate all the help from you and others on this ng, thanks. In the 
windows-IDL world, I'm wondering, are things this bad? Is there a good
vector graphics file format that IDL can readily export to? I can always
add routines to spit out a bitmap whenever I generate a postscrip figure,
but naturally, I would be even worse off than I am now (at least the ps IS

Steve S.

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