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IDL on Linux Server

Dear all,

I have just installed IDL 5.4 to a Linux Server (Red Hat 6.2 (Zoot),
Kernel 2.2.14-5, XFree86-VGA16). Installation went through without any
errors or warnings.

I have now tried to start idl (before licensening it). First I got two
error messages of two libraries missing (libXpm.so.4 and libc-so.5). I
just found this libs on my machine and copied it to the
/<IDL-DIR>/bin/bin-linux-x86 directory.
Now I get a segmentation fault, which is even the worst becaue it tells
you nothing.

Has anybody tried the same or a similar installation? Can anybody give
me a hint?
Please help me, we need to run IDL on these machines!!!

Best regards
Gunter Laky
Space Reserach Institue, Graz, Austria