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Re: plot structured data II

Dirk Burose (dirk.burose@uni-bonn.de) writes:

> sorry for being unprecise last time.
> What I like to know is how to get access to the data in the structure or
> as David Fanning already said how to tear that structure apart and get a
> 2d array for further use.
> The data in the structure is already gridded and I know how to use
> surface function but until now I can't find information how to use it
> with structured data sets.
> thanks a lot

Structures are de-referenced with a "dot". You want
something like this:

   Surface, struct.mydata, struct.my_xvector, struct.my_yvector

Sometimes structures have structures inside them. Then you
use two dots, etc.:

   Surface, struct.mydata.grid, struct.mydata.xvec, struct.mydata.yvec



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