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Re: plot structured data II

<Dear all,
<sorry for being unprecise last time.
<What I like to know is how to get access to the data in the structure or
<as David Fanning already said how to tear that structure apart and get a
<2d array for further use.
<The data in the structure is already gridded and I know how to use
<surface function but until now I can't find information how to use it
<with structured data sets.
<thanks a lot
<            Dirk

Hi Dirk,

I got some help from Dave Fanning yesterday because I was trying to extract 
an image from a structure so I could plot it.
In my particular case Dave suggested:

info.thisWindow->GetProperty, Image_Data=snapshot

and then you can use

Write_JPEG, filename, snapshot, True=1

to write the jpeg.

Here the display window object is in the 'info' structure and named 

Don't know if this is helpful for you?

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