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Re: cw_fslider

Glenn Newnham (gnewnham@ses.curtin.edu.au) writes:
> I've just tried using cw_fslider for the first time. In the past I have
> handled widget_slider events in their own procedure, named using
> event_pro. In these procedures one of the variables in the base widget
> uvalue structure is changed to the slider value.
> Unfortunately the event_pro keyword is apparently not allowed in the
> call to cw_fslider. Can anyone suggest the best way to handle a
> cw_fslider event.

I've never really understood why the folks at RSI write
compound widgets like this. It is easy enough to add
an Event_Pro or Event_Func keyword, and it seems as
essential to me as defining a user value for a compound

But you have several things you could do. The simplest
is probably to put the floating slider widget in its
own base widget, and attach the event handler for the
slider to the base widget:

   eventbaseID = Widget_Base(tlb, Event_Pro='FSlider_Events')
   fsliderID = CW_FSlider(eventbaseID, Value = 54.6)

Or, you could easily modify the CW_FSlider code itself.

   FUNCTION cw_fslider, parent, $
        DRAG = drag, $
        EDIT = edit, $
        FRAME = frame, $
        MAXIMUM = max, $
        MINIMUM = min, $
        SCROLL = scroll, $
        SUPPRESS_VALUE = sup, $
        TITLE = title, $
        UVALUE = uval, $
        VALUE = val, $
        VERTICAL = vert, $
        XSIZE = xsize, $
        YSIZE = ysize, $
        FORMAT=format, $
        UNAME=uname, $
   IF N_Elements(event_pro) EQ 0 THEN event_pro = ""

Store the name of the event procedure in the state structure:

    state = {slideid:0L, labelid:0L, top:max, bot:min, format:format, $
      event_pro:event_pro }

Then, find these two lines at the bottom of the event handler:

  RETURN, { ID:parent, TOP:ev.top, HANDLER:0L, VALUE:value, DRAG:drag }

Modify these two line to these:

   thisEvent = { ID:parent, TOP:ev.top, HANDLER:0L, VALUE:value, DRAG:drag }
   IF state.event_pro NE "" THEN BEGIN
      Call_Procedure, state.event_pro, thisEvent
      thisEvent = 0
   RETURN, thisEvent

IF you are being complete, the exact same thing can be done
for an EVENT_FUNC keyword, except that CALL_FUNCTION is used
instead of CALL_PROCEDURE.


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