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Re: frustrated by hdf_sd_adddata

George McCabe wrote:
> hello,
> attempting to replace a subset of existing data in an HDF SD, using
> idl procedure hdf_sd_adddata, receive the following error which i can
> not readily diagnose -
> % HDF_SD_ADDDATA: Unable to write the specified HDF-SD slice.
> hdf opens, sd starts /RDWR ok, sd selected ok
> i have veryfied the size and order of the data variable, count and
> start keyword variables.
> help is appreciated,
> george

Some things to check:

You might not have access. What are the file permissions, owner, and
group membership?

The file may be corrupt. Can you view the HDF file with ncdump, or
similar utilities? Can you open it read-only, and view its contents

Is this new code, or code that has already worked on a different file,
but is failing with this one?

You imply that you've already collected the following information, and
that it checked out OK, but maybe you've misinterpreted it - could you
tell us:

What values does HDF_SD_GETINFO give you for DIMS, HDF_TYPE, and TYPE?

What values are you giving HDF_SD_ADDDATA for START, COUNT, and STRIDE?

What do you get when you type


where 'mydata' represents the name of the field you're passing as the
data argument to HDF_SD_ADDDATA?