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Re: Regular Expressions

"Pavel A. Romashkin" wrote:

> Wouldn't it be easier to analyse a byte array with more human-readible
> functions, than those beautiful regular expressions you guys brought up?

It depends on what you mean by "easier".  One nice thing about STREGEX is
that it works on vector strings.     One can always convert the string
array to a byte array and analyze, but -- **if you are trying to avoid
loops** -- the indexing can be become extremely opaque, and exercise at
least as many brain cells as using STREGEX.     For example, JD's solution
can also apply to a string array where one is trying to extract the
substrings beginning and ending with a singe quote:

IDL> st = ["value1 = 'Wayne''s dog'  / First string ", $
           "value2 = 'Sue''s dog and Ralph''s cat' / Second string ", $
           "value3 =  'two pigeons'" ]

IDL> val = (stregex(st, /SUBEXPR,/EXTRACT,"= *'(.*)'([^']|$)"))[1,*]
IDL> print,val
Wayne''s dog
Sue''s dog and Ralph''s cat
two pigeons

Of course, one should probably add an English comment to the use of STRGEX

; Find the substring beginning with an "=", followed by any number of
; followed by a quote, followed by any number of characters (including
; quotes) up to the last single  quote.   Extract from this substring all
; characters between the first and last single quotes.