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Re: Linux and 3D graphics hardware support

Carsten Dominik <dominik@astro.uva.nl> writes:

> Hi,
> my Boss is buing me a new Linux PC to run IDL on.  One of the things I
> want to do is 3D graphics, and I know that IDL can support some hardware
> acceleration of 3D graphics.
> Where can I find information on what video cards can be be used for
> that? 
> Thanks.
> - Carsten


  Info on the status of 3D and Linux is at  http://glide.xxedgexx.com/.

  Hardware acceleration requires certain boards and usually  a
  special X server. See
  http://glide.xxedgexx.com/genframe.php3?hardware for more info.

  MetroLink used to talk quite a bit about their X server, which they
  claim supported hardware accelerated OpenGL on some cards, but
  they're rewritten their web pages and I can't find it now.

  Check http://www.metrolink.com and drop them a line.

  Looks like Liam already posted the URL for Xi graphics. They're one
  of the other companies supplying this functionality.


William Daffer: 818-354-0161: William.Daffer@jpl.nasa.gov