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Idlde 5.4 under RedHat 6.2: Crashes and hanging procs

Dear all,

I have started using idlde under RedHat 6.2 on the gnome desktop.
I am experiencing two quite annoying problems, which I hope that you
can solve for me:

1) Sometimes idlde just dies on me. In particular, when I have changed the 
current program elsewhere, am prompted to reload, and click accept. This
kills the session immediately.

2) In my programs I frequently spawn a postscript viewer like 
spawn,unit=a,"/usr/bin/X11/gv "+outfile
where a is some unit and outfile is the file I just wrote.
This works fine, but when I close gv I am left with a "defunct" tcsh hanging
around. If I spawn with /noshell, it is a defunct gv that is left. Not
even "kill -9" works!! I need to exit IDL to get rid of them.

Emailed replies would be appreciated.
Thanks for any help!! /Ole, Danish Meteorological Institute

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