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Re: Widget Fonts

David Fanning wrote:
> Bernard Puc (bpuc@va.aetc.com) writes:
> >       Is there a way to get the current default widget font?  I can define it
> > using widget_control, default_font = ***, but I can't seem to determine
> > what its set to.  What I'd like to be able to do is define say a label
> > in a larger size of the default font.  Any ideas?
> As far as I know, there is no way to get at this
> information programmatically. IDL is picking up
> system font information. I can change various
> fonts by playing with the Appearances/Font
> properties on my Windows machine, but so far not
> the font that is used for most things in widgets. :-(

So, I guess what I have to do is manually figure out what the system
default font is, and declare that as the widget default font up front
and then I can specify different sizes of that font.

Another observation which I wonder has anyone else seen:  I use the 
widget_button menu keyword to create dropdown button menus.  The font
used in the dropdown menu is always the default system font - it never
shows up in the font I specify with the widget_control command.

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