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Re: Streamlining

"Amara Graps" <Amara.Graps@mpi-hd.removethis.mpg.de> wrote in message
> Vapuser wrote:
> >
> >   Anyone have an good IDL streamlining code? Or know where I can get
> >   some? I'll even entertain the notions of call_external/linkimage code.
> >
> Dear William,
> I honestly don't know if the following attached program
> ("test_strfield") is useful for you.
> The attached code is a bit old (circa 1993), but I just ran it under
> 5.4, and it runs fine. It's well-documented, however it has not been
> tested under different functions and datasets.  It's not particularly
> elegant IDL programming style either, but it works.
> The code is simply the result of my own learning processes for how
> stream functions work. (I'm not sure the "proper way" that
> meteorologists conventionally define stream functions, maybe
> someone can tell me... but in a few weeks.)

I am currently looking at IDL 's ability to automatically plot "streamlines"
from the
wind field (u,v components) from a meteorologist's point of view.

I have used the procedures PARTICLE_TRACE, PLOTS and ARROW with success
(IDL V5.3 on Windows).

Take a look at this example

Robert Dahni
Meteorologist, IDL Programmer
Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA