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Re: Help setting up an array

Hey JD, I always knew you'll be the one who would solve this, anyway
(see my very first posting above).
David, you don't have to worry. There is only one JD here, and there are
far too many questions being asked for him to answer alone.
BTW, JD, why don't you give us here a call once you are done with your
project? :-)


JD Smith wrote:
> Peter Thorne wrote:
> >
> > Wow!
> >
> > Not sure what else one can say really. That would have taken me
> > literally weeks to come up with. It seems to be exactly what was
> > required. I might even complete my PhD on time now ...
> >
> Perhaps you can write one of *my* chapters for me then.  I also clearly
> need some 5-dimensional dataset to include... "and the 5-dimensional
> joint density function is projected onto a fractal hyper-cube with
> d=2.25..."  Something along those lines would impress, I'm sure.