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Re: Dimensional Juggling Tutorial

Cutting to the end of a good article...  [ must be *serious* thesis
procrastination! ]

JD Smith <jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu> writes:
> So, RSI, if you're listening, why not allow rebin to interpret it's
> first argument as a vector also?  Or use a keyword DIMENSION ala
> make_array?  (And while I'm at it -- nothing like two different
> mechanisms for exactly the same thing, there).  

Total agreement here, I've asked for it too in my "top ten" list.
I've also wished for the ability to reform a scalar into an array
sometimes, otherwise I end up with special-case code all over the
place.  (ie, REFORM(x,1,2) doesn't work if x is a scalar).

And of course, the thing that started it was your REDUCE, a wish for a
consistent way to apply a function to only selected dimensions.
That's the kind of thinking I like.


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