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True Color Image Manipulation

Does anyone know a way to create a true color image using object graphics
such that the three
color planes can be manipulated independently (translation, scaling, and,
rotation in 2 dimensions).
In other words, I need each color (red, green, and blue images) in different
IDLgrModel objects.

I was able to use IDLgrImage objects with the channel set ('ff0000'x for
red, '00ff00'x for green,
and '0000ff',x for blue).  These IDLgrImage objects were added to three
model objects.  I was able to translate and scale each model separately but
not rotate them.
Rotation in 2 dimensions does not work properly for a IDLgrImage object.
Also this approach
has the problem that I need to supply all three color images to each
IDLgrImage object even
though I am only using one of them.

I contacted RSI support and they first suggested using an IDLgrPolygon
object with the Texture
maps set to the images.  This allows rotation in all three dimensions but
did not work.  The channel
property of the IDLgrImage was ignored when used as a texture map and it did
not solve the
problem of supplying three images to each IDLgrImage object.

I contacted RSI again and they suggested using a single IDLgrImage object
and performing the
image rotations manually with the ROT function and reloading the images into
the IDLgrImage
object with setproperty.  This works but was 50% slower than just using
direct graphics instead
of object graphics.

I would appreciate any suggestions or solutions.