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Re: IDL vs. Matlab

It depends 75 % on what system your faculty staff expect you to use.  They may
have a preferred platform for lab assignments etc.
It depends 20% on the range of tasks you want to get into.  Matlab may be
stronger in numerical modelling.  IDL may be stronger in imaging and
visualisation.  I  say maybe, because for every specific example, someone from
the "other" side will be able to produce a counter example.  Both packages
probably have far greater capabilities than you are likely to exercise in
undergrad years.
The remaining 5%?  Try a few tasks at the command line; try a simple tutorial.
Which one feels best to you?
Michael Asten

Bruno wrote:

> Just want to get the group's opinion regarding this. I am an undergrad and I
> am thinking about buying IDL or MATLAB (student version). Most of my friends
> are advising for the latter software product since it's apparently more
> powerful and widely available on university systems. What do you think?
> Thanks
>  Bruno